RISAS has been established as a participant in the industrial supplies and the engineering services fields. The management is determined to provide quality services to meet the exact requirements and achieve costumer's satisfaction with comprehensive understanding of the complete system involved, always taking into account of the human element.

RISAS achieves this objective through the implementation of a documented quality system which involves covering all aspects of design, procurement, installation, inspection, testing and commissioning providing the customer with a guarantee that a contract will be completed to specification with consistency that eliminates the possibility of expensive errors.

RISAS management sets clear quality objectives and motivates staff members to insure that they are clear about their quality objectives and are committed to give their best effort in whatever activity with a common aim in mind.

The performance and procedures are under constant review by the management as well as every member of the staff, with the aim of continuous improvement.


RISAS believes that our standard of customer service is paramount to the future of our existence. Our customer service policy is therefore central to all our operations and complied with throughout the work force. By believing in this policy, and meeting the changing needs of our customers, we are able to give an outstanding service.


The provision of a healthy and safe working environment for all employees is fundamental to RISAS operations and to all works undertaken at all project site locations, and hence RISAS is committed to a ZERO ACCIDENTS philosophy and operational target.

RISAS has a policy statement on "Safety and the Working Environment" and implements a thorough safety program throughout the organization, which outlines the infrastructure and mechanisms to ensure safe working practices and a safe and healthy working environment.

Training is provided to ensure that all employees understand the importance of safety and accept responsibility in maintaining safety standards.


Preservation of the environment is a key factor in all of RISAS activities, and involves measures and procedures designed to minimize any potential negative impact on the environment and to ensure compliance with all legal regulations in respect of environmental preservation. It is RISAS policy to ensure that our engineering projects and products are environmentally acceptable.

RISAS actively promotes environmental awareness at all levels of the company, in order to ensure that this objective is achieved.

To achieve these goals, we will:
     o Protect the environment by careful selection and utilization of materials.
     o Utilize natural resources with care and manage energy use.
     o Minimize waste products and dispose of all waste in a responsible manner.
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