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From simple cabling installations, transformer and switchgear replacements through to complete substation design and build supervised by a dedicated engineer, knowing the abilities of his team and experienced in the area of work, quality will be at an optimum. This is the advantage that you gain when you employ RISAS.


At the centre of any industrial site there will be an electricity substation forming the hub of the electrical infrastructure, working 24 hours a day seven day a week. The reliable running of this substation is of no coincidence when you employ RISAS to design, install test and commission the works. Electricity substations are regularly installed across all the voltage ranges from 400 V to 132 kV with each substation tailored to the requirements of the site with switchgear, transformers and protection schemes selected to provide the right engineering and commercial solution.


Power distribution transformers with oil, silicon, Midel or resin insulation are regularly supplied and installed by RISAS with ratings between from 50 kVA to 5000 kVA and voltage ratios to suit the electrical distribution or generation requirements. Transformers can be supplied as free standing units or have an 11 kV ring main unit or circuit breaker mounted directly onto the HV bushings. On the LV side fused or ACB distribution cabinets can be supplied tailoring the transformer package to the individual site requirement.

At primary voltages above 11 kV RISAS can supply and install Power transformers at voltage levels up to 132 kV for ratings between 5 and 60 MVA.


Installation of high voltage switchgear is a highly specialized activity and RISAS have the specialist expertise to install switchgear from 400 V to 132 kV. Each and every switchboard installation is supervised by a trained
engineer. Once installed each switchboard is tested and commissioned to exacting standards.

On many sites switchgear is reaching the end of its design life, RISAS prides itself in being able to offer replacement solutions to minimize the site shutdown period.


With the combination of traditional skills and modern techniques RISAS HV cable jointers have the training and experience to joint and terminate all types of cable whether a new installation of XLPE cable or existing paper lead or PICAS cables.


Protection is either specified on switchgear or mounted within custom built protection panels. Protection relays can be supplied from any of the major manufacturers to provide the correct protection functionality in each individual case. Once installed all relays are tested and commissioned on site to prove correction operation.