o  MV and LV Switchgears, o  Distribution, Power and Lighting Panels,
o  Synchronizing Switchgears, o  Enclosed Circuit Breakers,
o  Automatic Transfer Switches, o  Cable Trays, Ladders, and Guards,
o  Motor Control Centers, o  Industrial Enclosures (Pull Boxes, Trafo Boxes, Consoles),
o  Industrial Control Panels, o  Dry Type Isolation Transformers,
o  Automatic Power Factor Capacitor Banks, o  Auto Transformers,
o  Harmonic Filter Banks, o  Relay, Marshaling Panels.
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Being a Value-Added Reseller (VAR), RISAS represents a number of overseas manufacturers and sources and supplies variety of power products and electrical equipment such as:
o  Substations, o  Conduits and Conduit Fittings,
o  Transformers, o  Busbar Systems,
o  Motors, o  Trunking,
o  Power Generators, o  Energy Meters,
o  Cables and Wires, Submersible Pump Cables, Welding Cables,
    Power & Control Cables, Harmonize Standard Cables,
    PVC Single and Multi Core Cables,
o  Testing Equipment,
o  Circuit Breakers, o  Spare Parts.